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Terms and Conditions of website use and/or product and service purchase

Tile-Experts.com offers access to and use of this Internet website, subject to your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions ("Terms"). By accessing, using or obtaining any content, data, materials, information, products or services through www.tile-experts.com, you agree to accept these Terms. If you do not accept all of these Terms, then please do not visit www.tile-experts.com or our other related websites.

All information, including, unlimited to photographs, drawings, representations, HTML or other code and scripts used in the assembly of this website, viewable or non-viewable, is and remains the property of Tile-Experts.com and shall not be used for purposes other than for the navigation of this site.  All text, descriptions and pictures are considered our intellectual property and/or of the companies herein contained.

All IP addresses are logged to prevent fraud.

Products purchased from this site are non-returnable, due to high return shipping and administrative costs.  Since all products are of limited stock, your credit card will be charged as though it were a special order.  To be clear, your card will be charged although your order has the chance of being delayed in shipping.  Products are delivered to you, leaving our or other companies' warehouses in new condition, via United Parcel Service's Ground/Standard shipping service, FedEx Ground or Home Delivery and USPS.  Shipping upgrades are available by calling us.  Loss, damage or theft of product by FedEx is limited to $100 per shipment.  In the event your order is damaged in shipment, please call the respective shipping company's customer service number to file a claim.  They will contact us and we'll re-ship all or part of the product as warranted.  We strive to have your order shipped the same business day as we receive it, however we are not liable for incidental charges arising from delays to your shipment.  No shipping insurance is offered, unless you request it.  Signature service for shipments (where someone has to sign for the package) is subject to additional fees by the shipping company.  Our contract is fulfilled when we give your shipment to the shipping company.

Situations can arise where products are temporarily out-of-stock and we have to ship from another of our more-distant warehouses or directly from our distributors.  In addition, some items may experience substantial delays in getting to you.  In any case, you will only be charged the applicable shipping fee from the warehouse which did not have the item in stock.  If your order is shipped from one of our distributor's sites, their respective shipping policies will be in effect.  It is not unusual for their policies to include a 24-72 hour time frame before orders are delivered to their shipping carrier.  You are responsible for orders placed using the "Email" payment option, even if you do not submit payment information.  If you'd like to know shipping costs or carrier transit times, please call us.  Do not proceed with an online order to find this information out.  We will consider an order placed by the "Email" as fraud if you do not relay payment information to us when we request it.

Chargebacks are when you dispute the amount we charge your credit card with your bank or financial institution.  An administrative fee of $150 is assessed for any non-valid chargebacks.  This fee is for each time you dispute the original or any future charge.  You are also responsible for any fees your bank or financial institution charges us or our agents.  Before you call your credit company to dispute a charge, please email us.

Telephone assistance from Tile-Experts.com is available 24 hours a day, but you will be charged a fee when calling outside of our normal telephone hours.  No purchase is required, however we ask that calls be for product technical information (includes help on their installation methods) or of a customer service nature.  We retain the right to discontinue telephone assistance or website access to you with no prior notice.  Abuse of these services will not be tolerated. 

If the nature of your call falls under the auspices of our professional services (mediation, arbitration, expert witnessing or inspection), appropriate fees will be charged.  You will be notified of these fees before the call is resumed.  Such calls are considered professional consultation by telephone and are subject to the fees outlined within.  For a copy of these rates, please email us at admin@tile-experts.com

If you have any questions regarding these Terms and Conditions, please feel free to call us at (646) 420 0364 in the USA or (780) 628 2663 in Canada.